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Blueberry Headband

Blueberry Headband is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that derives its name from its parents. It produces buds that have a scent and flavor reminiscent of blueberries and fresh earth with some noting a hint of lemon. THC levels of Blueberry Headband average anywhere between 10-20% depending on crop, making itimportant to check when purchasing. Lower THC content crops can make this strain perfect for noviceconsumers. Its high produces even mental and physical effects: Blueberry Headband will increaseenergy, induce creativity, relax the mind and body as stress and pain are alleviated, and for some,produce the munchies. It can also help with nausea and anxiety. Paranoia, dizziness, and headaches are adverse effects of consuming this strain, along with the normaldry eyes and mouth. Blueberry Headband is most popularly found on the West Coast, Arizona, and Michigan.

Orange Sherbert

Oh boy are we happy to be stocking this A-list celebrity. Sunset Sherbert is the apparent heir to the Girl Scout Cookies lineage of strains, as it was bred by the man, the myth and the legend himself, Sherbinski. It contains DNA from Cherry Pie, OG Kush and Durban Poison and it was crossed with Pink Panties to create a strain that inherited the powerful and uplifting effects of GSC with a bright, fruity aroma and colourful appeal. Sunset Sherbert is a potent hybrid, and like many craft cannabis strains boasts a devastatingly high THC concentration that is found to range well-over 25%! As a hybrid strain, it exhibits an intense, full-bodied experience that quickly restores the body and enlivens users with a giggly and uplifting surge of energy. A mosaic of aromas and flavours, along with a spectacular mirage of colours make for wonderful bag appeal when it comes to Sunset Sherbert. The lovely orange pistils, and medley of green and deep purple, anthrocyanin-filled leaves contrast beautifully against the fluorescent trichomes blanketing its’ buds, making it a marvelous sight. Sunsert Sherbet has a complex aroma and flavour that retains the earthy, vanilla and candy-like aroma of its’ GSC predecessor, while adding new notes of skunky citrus, berries and a grape-like sweetness.


This handy roller takes advantage of NANO CBD and its super tiny CBD crystals, and water-based formula for rapid absorption without a greasy mess. Other CBD rollers use oil-based CBD which is about 4000 nanometres in size. Ours is about 16 nanometers - ideal for deep skin penetration. Ideal as an aid in the relief of migraines, cramps (menstrual), muscle and joint pain. This roller is perfect to massage our formula deep into your sore joints and other deep tender spots. 10ml / 60mg NANO CBD Ingredients: Distilled Water, Arnica Oil, Polysorbate 20, Menthol, NANO-Emulsified CBD, Essential Oils of Lavender*, Eucalyptus*, Camphor*, and Black Pepper* *Seed to Seal Organic Essential Oils provided by Young Living Canada. WARNING: Avoid Contact with Eyes

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Afghan Kush



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